Planning In Principle was granted by The Highland Council on 13 December 2011, subject to a number of conditions. These conditions included design matters which this design brief sets out to address.


In recognition of the move to sustainable, zero carbon, homes (a Scottish Building Standards target for 2016) all houses will be of timber frame kit construction. To meet the requirement for consistent design and quality of construction, all timber frame kits are to be supplied by Norscot Joinery Ltd (, whose factory is located in Caithness. A typical Norscot kit package component list is attached. Norscot also offer a kit erection service, if required.

Planning Consent

Plot purchasers will be required to obtain detailed planning permission for the specific house type which best suits their individual needs. As part of the kit package provided by Norscot, they will guide purchasers through this process, design and provide the drawings for your house and submit the necessary applications and related documents to The Highland Council, on your behalf. You will only be required to pay the statutory application fees.

Building Warrant

Having obtained planning permission the plot purchaser will be required to obtain a Building Warrant, ensuring the house meets the Scottish Building Standards. Here again, Norscot will provide all necessary additional drawings and documentation including energy performance certificate and structural design certificate. Similarly, they will submit the necessary applications and related documents to The Highland Council, on your behalf. Again, you will be required to pay the statutory application fee.

Design Features

In general, the house designs will reflect the following Highland Council guidance:

Specifically, the following design elements will be required:

  • 45ยบ roof pitch with no overhangs and concrete interlocking slate finish.
  • Vertical emphasis to windows and doors with (optional) cement bands.
  • Wet harl finish to external walls with Scottish larch or Caithness stone features.

Externally, the plots are to be bounded with a timber palisade fence and will be subject to the approval of a detailed landscaping plan, by The Highland Council.

An Artists Impression Of A Suitable House Type
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